Mayonnaise On A Plane

You never forget something like this. An early morning flight out of La Guardia heading home to Los Angeles. We had just wrapped up a four day shoot in Staten Island and I was exhausted and a little crabby to say the least. My early morning smell sensitivity was going into hyperdrive, all the smellsContinue reading “Mayonnaise On A Plane”

True Chaotic Evil: The Mayo And Tomato Sandwich

Mayonnaise and Tomato, Chaotic Evil When we are taking a look at a true chaotic evil sandwich we find that the sandwich tends to have no respect whatsoever for rules, other sandwiches, or anything but its own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. These types of sandwiches set a high value on personal freedom,Continue reading “True Chaotic Evil: The Mayo And Tomato Sandwich”