5 Taters In A Bag Of Lay’s

When I was a wee lad my grandfather always had a couple of fact books on his bookshelf. I absolutely loved them, and seemed to lose track of time reading through the endless supply of information. A few decades later and nothing has changed, to this day I still enjoy learning a good ol uselessContinue reading “5 Taters In A Bag Of Lay’s”

20 Eating Contests that will leave you wanting to explode

“Pain is temporary; pride is forever”. This was the message on the boy’s basketball team’s shirts in high school. At the time it didn’t mean too much to me but now I know just how much it means, especially in the world of competitive eating. All of the numbers are staggering, some of the foodContinue reading “20 Eating Contests that will leave you wanting to explode”

America’s Food Capitals

Driving in either direction North or South on the 101 through California or the 99 through Central California you start to notice how many food capitals of the world/America that you pass through. Some are questionable, many are un disputable. On a recent trip up to the Bay area from Los Angeles I wondered justContinue reading “America’s Food Capitals”