35 Specialty or Not So Specialty Stores In Los Angeles

Sometimes, to get a project moving in the right direction you need a little more than whats available at your neighborhood grocery store. What if you wanted to start spinning sugar creations, buy some squid ink, or find canned cherry tomatoes from Italy ? How about cook some Paella in an actual Paella pan withContinue reading “35 Specialty or Not So Specialty Stores In Los Angeles”

21 Things You Might Not Have Known About IN N OUT

It’s no doubt that IN N OUT has achieved cult like status over the years. I’ll never forget my first burger, it was at the Marina Del Rey location about twenty years ago. The smell of grilled beef and onions in the air, the loudspeaker calling out order numbers, and of course the obligatory longContinue reading “21 Things You Might Not Have Known About IN N OUT”

Give Oatmeal A Chance

Did you know that oatmeal may quite possibly have disappeared into obscurity if it wasn’t for the great Oatmeal Wars of 1987? Breakfast bowls were waiting to be filled with healthy cereals and General Mills was positioning themselves to take over with a new product coming to market named Total, promising more nutrition than itsContinue reading “Give Oatmeal A Chance”

A Bloody Mary Or A Red Snapper ???

If I asked you of the few “classic” cocktails that bartenders even know how to make anymore these days, none has a more storied past than the Bloody Mary. In fact, if it weren’t for the 18th Amendment and the Russian Revolution there would be no Bloody Mary. The bloody Mary was invented somewhere inContinue reading “A Bloody Mary Or A Red Snapper ???”