5 Taters In A Bag Of Lay’s

When I was a wee lad my grandfather always had a couple of fact books on his bookshelf. I absolutely loved them, and seemed to lose track of time reading through the endless supply of information. A few decades later and nothing has changed, to this day I still enjoy learning a good ol uselessContinue reading “5 Taters In A Bag Of Lay’s”

Mayonnaise On A Plane

You never forget something like this. An early morning flight out of La Guardia heading home to Los Angeles. We had just wrapped up a four day shoot in Staten Island and I was exhausted and a little crabby to say the least. My early morning smell sensitivity was going into hyperdrive, all the smellsContinue reading “Mayonnaise On A Plane”

Kiwi Fruit – The true underdog of California agriculture

We have all glanced at it in the grocery store and then looked the other way. Often tucked in the corner, near the tropical fruit. I’m sure the average produce guy has no idea what to do with it, where to put it or how to sell it. Many of us have zero idea whereContinue reading “Kiwi Fruit – The true underdog of California agriculture”

The Biggest Restaurants in The United States

Ever get that lonely feeling and just want to be around people? Immerse yourself in a crowd? Look no further my friend, your prayers have been answered. The parameters for the largest restaurants in the US had only one metric, number of seats. All of these restaurants have the population of a small town insideContinue reading “The Biggest Restaurants in The United States”

20 Eating Contests that will leave you wanting to explode

“Pain is temporary; pride is forever”. This was the message on the boy’s basketball team’s shirts in high school. At the time it didn’t mean too much to me but now I know just how much it means, especially in the world of competitive eating. All of the numbers are staggering, some of the foodContinue reading “20 Eating Contests that will leave you wanting to explode”

California Rice

A few months ago I was walking through a Japanese grocer and saw the coolest little three cup rice cooker for sale next to its larger cousins on the shelves. It was shiny and new and I had to have it. Almost 42 years old and I have always cooked my rice on the stoveContinue reading “California Rice”

True Chaotic Evil: The Mayo And Tomato Sandwich

Mayonnaise and Tomato, Chaotic Evil When we are taking a look at a true chaotic evil sandwich we find that the sandwich tends to have no respect whatsoever for rules, other sandwiches, or anything but its own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. These types of sandwiches set a high value on personal freedom,Continue reading “True Chaotic Evil: The Mayo And Tomato Sandwich”

America’s Food Capitals

Driving in either direction North or South on the 101 through California or the 99 through Central California you start to notice how many food capitals of the world/America that you pass through. Some are questionable, many are un disputable. On a recent trip up to the Bay area from Los Angeles I wondered justContinue reading “America’s Food Capitals”

We Are All Suckers For A Good Label

The FDA and USDA control the game, who are they and what do they do? The USDA and FDA are two totally different entities when it come to food package labeling, and they have us running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make sense of it all. Since the beginning timesContinue reading “We Are All Suckers For A Good Label”

The $155 Peanut Butter Cookie

If you could take a few moments to wrap your head around just how huge our food supply chain is, the result would be mind numbing. It’s 24/7, 365 and therefore never stops. This massive food machine and its unpredictability makes the food safety of all of the things that we eat a key concernContinue reading “The $155 Peanut Butter Cookie”