21 Things You Might Not Have Known About IN N OUT

It’s no doubt that IN N OUT has achieved cult like status over the years. I’ll never forget my first burger, it was at the Marina Del Rey location about twenty years ago. The smell of grilled beef and onions in the air, the loudspeaker calling out order numbers, and of course the obligatory long line all played a part in that unforgettable experience. Twenty years and hundreds of burgers (minus the spread) later I’m still deeply in love with IN N OUT.

-IN N OUT founder Harry Snyder graduated from Venice High School in 1932.

-IN N OUT french fries are made with Kennebec potatoes, a variety developed in Maine and released in 1948 the same year IN N OUT opened. All potatoes are sliced in store as needed and then fried in sunflower oil.

-The IN N OUT Burger Foundation was created in 1984 to help abused and neglected children

-IN N OUT paper goods inconspicuously tell patrons where to find versus in the Bible about trusting God. For example Proverbs 24:16 can be found on the bottom of the French Fry containers and Nahum 1:7 on Double Double wrappers.

-The Simpsons have even referenced IN N OUT In a 2011 episode Ned Flanders created a list of racy “do not go” places. The list included IN N OUT, Jiffy Lube and Pinkberry.

-IN N OUT university opened in 1984. Located where the Snyder’s home stood in 1948. Rich Snyder opens a new facility where entry level managers receive proper training.

-The red apron was introduced in 1974 making the traditional colors of IN N OUT a part of each associate members uniform.

-IN N OUT made all of their burger patties by hand

It wasn’t until 1963 that a patty making facility opened allowing them to expand. Up until then all of the Beef Chuck was hand selected and ground under the supervision of Harry Snyder and then pressed into patties by his wife Esther.

-IN N OUT added hot chocolate to their menu in 2018

It was the first addition to the menu in over 15 years since they started selling lemonade. Lynsi Snyder in an interview said it’s actually a return to the menu. She stated that her grandparents actually had it as an item on the original menu back in the 50’s. It comes with mini marshmallows.

-IN N OUT milkshakes are made with real ice cream that flows through soft serve machines.

-IN N OUT served bottled soda until 1958, that’s when they switched to fountain drinks.

-500 Miles and not a mile more

Nothing travels more than 500 miles to any store. Everything is prepped at commissaries and shipped internally so that they don’t have to deal with any outside providers.

-Animal Style Fries are topped with spread, grilled onions, and cheese slices. The whole lot is then heated in a toaster oven.

-Huell Howser loved IN N OUT

He loved it so much in fact, he dedicated an entire one hour special ” California’s Gold” on IN N OUT’s main facility in Baldwin Park.

-ANIMAL STYLE was invented in 1961 and trademarked by IN N OUT. So don’t even attempt to copy it.

-IN N OUT has Spread not sauce. Truth

-IN N OUT has grown…slower than hoped by many

Originally only serving Los Angeles County to numbering 347 stores in six states. California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon and Texas. Colorado is planned for sometime in 2020. Los Angeles County holds the record for having the most locations with 74 stores.

-IN N OUT on its opening day

On the first day of business the menu offered 25 cent hamburgers, 30 cent cheeseburgers, 15 cent french fries and soda in a bottle for a dime.

-IN N OUT has a original replica

A replica of the original IN N OUT can be found in Baldwin Park at 13766 Francisquito Ave. You can visit Thursday through Sunday from 11:00-2:00.

-IN N OUT has a racing history

In 1965 Harry Snyder purchased a 50% stake and started selling his hamburgers out of the concession stands in the newly built Irwindale Speedway, he remained half owner until it was demolished in the mid-70’s. Throughout the years the company has sponsored many cars and the owners have raced in several classes.

-IN N OUT 4×4 is the max ! Back in 2004, a customer in Las Vegas ordered a Double Double with 98 additional patties costing him a whopping $97.66. Since then customers have only been able to order any combination of four burger patties. Otherwise known as a 4 x 4

Published by Jason Stroh

I am a Los Angeles based food stylist and chef

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