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Mayonnaise On A Plane

You never forget something like this. An early morning flight out of La Guardia heading home to Los Angeles. We had just wrapped up a four day shoot in Staten Island and I was exhausted and a little crabby to say the least. My early morning smell sensitivity was going into hyperdrive, all the smellsContinue reading “Mayonnaise On A Plane”

California Rice

A few months ago I was walking through a Japanese grocer and saw the coolest little three cup rice cooker for sale next to its larger cousins on the shelves. It was shiny and new and I had to have it. Almost 42 years old and I have always cooked my rice on the stoveContinue reading “California Rice”

America’s Food Capitals

Driving in either direction North or South on the 101 through California or the 99 through Central California you start to notice how many food capitals of the world/America that you pass through. Some are questionable, many are un disputable. On a recent trip up to the Bay area from Los Angeles I wondered justContinue reading “America’s Food Capitals”

Give Oatmeal A Chance

Did you know that oatmeal may quite possibly have disappeared into obscurity if it wasn’t for the great Oatmeal Wars of 1987? Breakfast bowls were waiting to be filled with healthy cereals and General Mills was positioning themselves to take over with a new product coming to market named Total, promising more nutrition than itsContinue reading “Give Oatmeal A Chance”

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